fixing up port dependencies properly

John W jwdevel at
Wed Feb 3 04:21:17 UTC 2010

I originally asked this at freebsd-questions, but didn't get much info.
Maybe someone here can help?

I'm interested in really understanding what's going on rather than a
"magic" solution (though those are welcome too)

Here's the original email:

I updated my ports tree with csup, and tried to run 'portmaster -na'.
It gave me this:

    ===>>> The mail/p5-Email-Simple-Creator port has been deleted:
Folded into p5-Email-Simple package

Ok, that makes sense. But what do I do to fix it?
It seems I need to replace dependencies on p5-Email-Simple-Creator
with dependencies on p5-Email-Simple.

But if I manually do that, won't my changes be blown away the next
time I update ports?

Perhaps I should use the '-o' (origin) option of portmaster? I'm not
100% sure what that does, incidentally (explanation welcome).
I assume something like:

    portmaster -o p5-Email-Simple p5-Email-Simple-Creator

Will those changes get blown away by the next update of ports?

Is the most correct solution just to wait until all maintainers of
ports which depend on p5-Email-Simple-Creator each update their
makefiles to depend on p5-Email-Simple, instead? (Though that doesn't
help in the short term :)

I'm curious of people's thoughts on this.


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