Plans for net-p2p/rblibtorrent*, and future of net-p2p/sharktorrent

Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at
Wed Feb 3 01:16:15 UTC 2010

* Doug Barton (dougb at wrote:

> With the recent update of springlobby (thanks amdmi3!) the last 

No problem :)

> remaining consumer of rblibtorrent 0.13 is net-p2p/sharktorrent which is 
> maintained by alepulver. The version currently in this port is 0.1.1, 
> which was released on 2006/12/17. The most recent version of the 
> software is which was released on 2009/7/5. The web site 
> listed in the pkg-descr, is currently parked, 
> and has no relevant content.

I'd prefer to not have numbered ports - these are confusing and usually
only used when we need to have more than 2 versions of a single port.
This is even less wanted given than all rblibtorrent ports conflict with
each other and are (if I'm not mistaken) _not_ drop-in replacements for
each other due to API incompatibilities.

I'll try to look into sharktorrent (if alepulver doesn't step
forward), and see if it can be updated to use libtorrent 0.14, I
think it'd be better to

- switch it to rblibtorrent-devel
- remove rblibtorrent
- repocopy rblibtorrent-devel to rblibtorrent
- update rblibtorrent-devel to 0.15 and switch all ports to ("stable")

not sure if there's enough history worth retaining, as this may be
shortened to just updating both ports to corresponding newer versions.

If sharktorrent can't be fixed, we'll kave to keep rblibtorrent13 port
or remove both, however given that latest sharktorrent release was not
that long ago, I think the latter is not desirable.

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