Plans for net-p2p/rblibtorrent*, and future of net-p2p/sharktorrent

Alejandro Pulver alepulver at
Wed Feb 3 15:56:14 UTC 2010

On 2/2/2010 10:16 PM, Dmitry Marakasov wrote:
> I'll try to look into sharktorrent (if alepulver doesn't step
> forward), and see if it can be updated to use libtorrent 0.14, I
> think it'd be better to

I would appreciate if you can do that.

> - switch it to rblibtorrent-devel
> - remove rblibtorrent
> - repocopy rblibtorrent-devel to rblibtorrent
> - update rblibtorrent-devel to 0.15 and switch all ports to ("stable")
>    rblibtorrent
> not sure if there's enough history worth retaining, as this may be
> shortened to just updating both ports to corresponding newer versions.
> If sharktorrent can't be fixed, we'll kave to keep rblibtorrent13 port
> or remove both, however given that latest sharktorrent release was not
> that long ago, I think the latter is not desirable.

IMHO it's better to have as fewer versions as possible, preferably one 
"stable" and one "devel". Of course in the case that most projects 
follow the development of rblibtorrent.


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