portmaster: print /usr/ports/UPDATING on update

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Tue Dec 28 18:55:08 UTC 2010

Eygene, Peter, jhell,

Do either of you actually have any familiarity at all with how portaudit 
works, and/or how it is integrated into the ports infrastructure? Based 
on what you've written today my guess is "no." When I wrote, "we need a 
tool with striking similarities to
portaudit" without providing the details I was assuming that people are 
already familiar with it, how it works, etc. If you're not, then you 
really need to be before you can respond intelligently to my post.

If you take the time to become familiar with portaudit and subsequently 
need me to expand on my thoughts I'm happy to do that of course.




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