portmanager endlessly looping in x11

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Thu Aug 26 01:54:25 UTC 2010

I have an interesting thing here: I seem to have found an endless loop in
portmanager.  It's *entirely* possible that I'm myself causing this, so I'll
explain, and if you can come up with any hints, I'll be happy to test them,
because I really do like using portmanager.

What my goal is, is to update the qt4 port, but one of the dependencies it finds
is x11/libX11 ... and two (the only 2) dependencies it finds unsatisfied for
libX11 are x11/libXau and x11/libXtrans.  Trouble is, it endlessly (and
seemingly quite successfully) rebuilds both of these, but them can't seem to
find either to mark them as satisfied (to move onlto building libX11).  I tried
to cd into both of these dirs and build them directly using make
clean/package/clean, and it succeeds fine, but portmanager *still* can't get
past them.

My ports are up to date, no more than a week old, I use cvs to keep the sources
nicely up to date.  I'd really appreciate any suggestions you can offer.

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