cleaning schg flag in compat5x distfiles

Shaun Amott shaun at
Tue Aug 24 15:54:10 UTC 2010

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 03:50:42AM +0400, Dmitry Marakasov wrote:
> Distfiles for misc/compat5x are shipped with schg file set on some
> files. This makes it impossible to install port with raised
> securitylevel, as clearing schg flag is impossible in that case.
> See [1].
> If nobody minds, I'm going to reroll compat5x distfiles with schg flag
> cleared. I guess we need a PORTVERSION bump here, as distfiles should be
> renamed due to changed checksums, and given that .8 part of compat5x
> version ( indicates patchlevel, I guess I'll have to use
> Rerolled distfiles are at my ~/public_distfiles/compat5x/,
> and should propagate to [2] in some time. Original distfiles are at [3].
> Port diff is as follows:

This is a welcome change. The schg flag has caused me problems in the
past. Thanks!

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