FreeBSD Port: hal-0.5.11_26

Nikolay Tychina niktychina at
Sat Sep 12 17:09:36 UTC 2009

Greg Rivers wrote:

> This sounds like the same problem I reported last month on freebsd-current@:
> see thread at
> Sam Leffler indicated that this is a known problem, but the person working
> on it was away.  It does make hald pretty much unusable.
> --
> Greg Rivers

Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

> This has been reported before.  You need to make sure you unmount any
> volumes related to that USB device before removing it.  The new USB
> stack will allow hal to force the unmount, but that isn't coming until
> hal-0.5.13, and won't be available unless you're running 8.X or higher.

 Thanks for explanations. I will check mount everytime (I'm running


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