amavisd-new crashing

GalaxyPC.Net Administrator admin at
Sat Sep 12 14:07:39 UTC 2009


I battled this all morning and found some helpful posts on the amavisd-new
sourceforge lists. In the decoders section of amavisd.conf, look for the
following lines. Comment out one at a time, reloading amavisd each time, of
course, until you are able to flush your queue successfully. In my case it
was 'asc', but in yours I would try 'uue' first. There were suggestions on
SF to comment all the 'ascii' lines out.

  ['asc',  \&do_ascii],
  ['uue',  \&do_ascii],
  ['hqx',  \&do_ascii],
  ['ync',  \&do_ascii],

Good luck,


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