audio/sox bump to 14.3.0 request

Peter Beckman beckman at
Fri Sep 11 02:01:01 UTC 2009

On Thu, 10 Sep 2009, Glen Barber wrote:

> On Thu, 10 Sep 2009 21:31:53 -0400, Peter Beckman <beckman at> 
> wrote:
>> I haven't heard back from the maintainer of sox yet on the requested bump
>> to sox 14.3.0.  I didn't find any process outlined in the handbook or the
>> porters handbook, and I would have searched the archives but the search
>> index hasn't been rebuilt since 2007.
> Regarding ports that are maintained, there is generally a 2 week timeout with 
> PRs regarding port upgrades (which is noted in the handbook), assuming a 
> patch is provided.  The most likely delay with your situation is that you did 
> not support a patch to actually perform the update - simply the request. 
> Upgrading ports that has other maintainers is time consuming to begin with - 
> even moreso when you do not provide a patch to aide in the process.
>> I searched the archives via google with no real results on any process on
>> how to poke the maintainer to life.
> You CC'd the maintainer.  That is sufficient.

  Awesome, thanks Glen.  I didn't see the 2 week timeout in the handbook,
  must have missed it.  I'll work on learning how to build the package so I
  can submit a diff rather than a request.

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