amavisd-new crashing

Per olof Ljungmark peo at
Thu Sep 10 20:39:22 UTC 2009

Eric Sheesley wrote:
> For the past week or so I've had 2-3 different emails that, as they are 
> attempting to be delivered end up crashing amavisd-new(just one 
> instance, not the whole daemon) leading the the "error:  queue file 
> write error" from postfix.  Both messages appear to have been 8bitmime 
> encoded from a quick glance, but no other common points.  These emails 
> will continually crash amavis every 15 minutes as the servers attempt 
> delivery.  I've used portmanager to rebuild amavis and all dependencies 
> with no change.  Any ideas on what could be wrong?


Both amavis and Postfix can be made to provide rather substantial 
logging, that's what I would have done in your case. Or do you already 
have some logs to share?

Also, did you check that you did not run out of memory?



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