boost-python-libs and associated compile errors -SOLVED

David Southwell david at
Mon Sep 7 11:34:09 UTC 2009

> 2009/9/5 David Southwell <david at>:
> > I should have mentioned that openbabel & kdeedu4 also then compiled
> > without problem. I have no idea what caused the original failure or how
> > the cure could have been connected to the recompiling of gnome2-2.26.3.
> > However I can report that immediately before the recompile I again tried
> > to compile boost-python- libs and it then failed with errors identical to
> > those copied into this thread.
> >
> > David
> It's nice to know that your issue is solved.
> However, I am not going to investigate into this right know since I'm
> busy with updating boost to 1.40.
> Alexander,
> maintainer of devel/boost-*
Sounds reasonable to me.. at least if anyone gets the same problem they can 
apply the same magic and see if it works for them!!
Thanks for all your input and for your work with boost*.. it is much 

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