FreeBSD Port: qtcreator-1.2.1: Not installable

Alexey Shuvaev shuvaev at
Wed Oct 28 13:25:06 UTC 2009

On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 01:56:25PM +0100, Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 1:46 PM, Gary Jennejohn
> <gary.jennejohn at> wrote:
> > The qtcreator port was created on May 7, 2009.  Seems to me that 7.2R
> > is older than that.  Obviously, qtcreator can't exist for 7.2R if the
> > port didn't exist when it was released.
> Well, ok. Seems another case of "different systems, different
> philosophies" here for me.
> My idea was that I was downloading the latest STABLE release of
> FreeBSD and I assumed that the ports directory always applies to the
> current STABLE version, noone should use a development version for
> daily use, should one.
The base system (more or less what consists a RELEASE) and ports are
mostly independent of each other. Normal FreeBSD user will have some
RELEASE (say 7.2R) and up-to-date version of ports. There is no
separate STABLE or CURRENT versions of ports, there is only one.
(Well, there are marcuscom and area51 for testing new gnome and kde
releases, respectively, but you don't need to mess with them).
This explains the following:
> Besides, the ports website doesn't list at all what versions of
> FreeBSD include this port as opposed to Debian, for example; I don't
> want to start a flamewar though. It's not really user-friendly, is it.
> I guess the minimum for my project will be FreeBSD 8.0 then.
FreeBSD 7 will be ok too. You can add some phrase like
"Before the software can be built, the following ports/packages
have to be installed:
Note that ports tree newer than 7 May 2009 is needed to build qtcreator."

This is FreeBSD-user friendly.


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