TomTom GPS

Miguel Filgueiras mig at
Wed Oct 14 08:52:09 UTC 2009

Hi Julian,

"Julian H. Stacey" <jhs at> wrote:
> > I can assure you that I don't know of any GPS destroyed by GPSMan
> > since its first version back in 1998!
> Sorry, I didnt mean to imply anything there, I was more thinking of
> being cautious on the option of completely zapping the base TomTom
> software & installing a Linux based replacement (which I'd heard
> is also possible).

No need for apologies, I was trying to make fun :-)

 > we need is a publicly available description of its communication
> > protocol. Is there one? Where?
> I found
> 	"If you want to build your own software to run on the TomTom
> 	GO, RIDER or ONE devices, and need information or suggestions
> 	on how to do so, we suggest taking a look at the independent
> 	OpenTom project, on its website:"
> Lots for tomtom owners to read at Inc eg 
> Probably someone has already cracked the protocol.
> probably no need to intercept TomTom software running on XP & split
> & log it to BSD USB ports (like UPS NUT project did on some USB UPSs)

I have problems with using cracked protocols in GPSMan: I am a
professor at a public university and so I cannot infringe
copyrights... On the other hand I'm free to give information
on how GPSMan is implemented and how it can be extended.

> I did a Tcl/Tk project once, long ago, prefer C but could do.

That sounds good enough!

> Thanks ! look like carmel_ny & I & other TomTom owners should first
> read

Ok. I suppose that TomToms also support the NMEA protocol but I
don't know if they have something similar to the proprietary
extensions used by Garmin or Magellan. If there is a description
of this it may be an alternative.


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