PackageKit Ports

Anders F Björklund afb at
Mon Oct 5 16:23:21 UTC 2009

Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

>> Hopefully this will go into PackageKit 0.4.10, for use
>> while waiting for required PolicyKit/DeviceKit support.
>> Besides some (unused) differences in API, the backend is
>> identical to the one in the latest PackageKit (0.5.2).
>> Feedback appreciated, maintainer didn't respond.
> Which maintainer?  I'm quite excited about this work.

Maybe I did something wrong, I tried to contact maintainer
of "portupgrade" since I had some port search additions...

Didn't post the ports earlier (before this backend backport),
since it was kinda useless to run with the "dummy" backend. :-)

> We have the
> latest PolicyKit coming with GNOME 2.28 (once 8.0 is out the door).
> DeviceKit will probably never happen on FreeBSD.  DK-power will be
> coming with GNOME 2.30, however.  What kind of DK support does
> PackageKit require?

Currently PackageKit requires both PolicyKitOne (0.9x) and also
Glib 2.22+, which was why it needed to wait for GNOME 2.28 etc.

gnome-packagekit requires DeviceKit-power for "battery" support,
but I added a disabler meanwhile (i.e. assume power is connected).


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