Trial Offer. Disinfectant Kills Flu/MRSA For 24 Hours.

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Tue Nov 17 17:16:47 UTC 2009


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   2 Bottles For $18.99!

   Kills In Minutes, Keeps Killing For 24 Hours

   Powerful And Safe

   Saves Time and Money

   Spectrum 24's long l   spreading infection in crowded envi   have to treat surfaces so often, you'll sa   your trial bottles now. You'll want more!

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   [14]Spectrum 24 Disinfectant Trial Offer
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   Spectrum 24's s   including salmonella, staph,   Influenza A. It requires no rinsing a   24 hours --- making it more convenient and ec   conventional disinfectants.

   Spectrum 24 has   enough to use in medic   to use around children. Get y   more!


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