Question about creating a port for saga gis

Rainer Hurling rhurlin at
Sat Nov 14 16:09:58 UTC 2009

On 14.11.2009 15:56 (UTC+1), Eygene Ryabinkin wrote:
> Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 02:58:02PM +0100, Rainer Hurling wrote:
>>> BTW, there is absolutely no need to specify WX_CONFIG in your Makefile,
>>> will take care of it.  WX_CONF_ARGS seems redundant too:
>>> SAGA's configure understands no --with-wx-config option, so it is just
>>> a no-op.
>> Both are deleted now from my Makefile and everything build and install
>> just fine.
> Cool.
>> So far, I only tested my new port "math/saga" under very recent
>> 9.0-CURRENT, both i386 and amd64. Is there any need for me to let it
>> test on other platforms and/or system versions before requesting a
>> commit?
> If you have access to other variants of systems, it will be good, but if
> you can't -- just submit it.  If there will be build troubles when the
> port will be included to the ports collection, then you'll be warned
> about this as the maintainer.

I am afraid I have no access to other variants of systems.

>> 'portlint -A' gives me the following errors:
>> FATAL: Makefile: MASTER_SITES appears out-of-order.
>> FATAL: Makefile: order must be 
>> WARN: Makefile: "BUILD_DEPENDS" has to appear earlier.
>> 2 fatal errors and 1 warning found.
>> I think there is no chance to avoid the fatal errors with the used URL?
> and that's it.  What worried you about the URL?

It is a lot easier than I thougt ...

>> Irritating is the warning about the position of "BUILD_DEPENDS". I am
>> not sure if this is the right way to optionally install a library. What
>> do you think?
> This is the right way.  The thing is that the only BUILD_DEPENDS is
> OPTION-dependent, so you can't use WITH/WITHOUT_HARU prior to the
> inclusion of and this will enable portlint to emit
> warnings.  So, if I am not missing some important point, you should live
> with it.
> But I had glanced over Haru usage inside the current sources and it
> turns out that Haru is disabled: preprocessor symbol _SAGA_DONOTUSE_HARU
> is defined throughout the whole load of the Makefiles.  This symbol is
> actively used only inside src/saga_core/saga_api/doc_pdf.cpp and, in
> fact, PDF generation is disabled if _SAGA_DONOTUSE_HARU is here.
> I see no knobs to enable it without manual patching, so, if you really
> don't need PDFs -- you can drop haru dependency completely.  If you
> still want to have it -- patch files once again (basing on
> the value of WITH_HARU), add the needed link knobs to the LDFLAGS and,
> possibly, some stuff to the CFLAGS.

Ok, I personally have no need to use HARU PDF at the moment. I could 
leave it for an updated version of the port ;-)

Another idea for an updated port version would be the use of unicode. 
But this is another story ...

> Attaching slightly cleaned-up version of the Makefile from which
> OPTIONS were removed.

Yes, I will a Makefile without this option.

Thank you again, Eygene. I will now prepare for submitting a PR with 
this new port.


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