Is multi-session DVD writing broken for cdrtools-devel a65 and later?

Neil Darlow neil at
Fri Nov 13 11:50:29 UTC 2009


I've been using cdrtools-devel as part of my backup-to-DVD scheme for a
number of years. I switched from using cdrtools to cdrtools-devel due to a
problem with DMA alignment which was fixed in cdrtools-devel.

My regime consists of performing a full backup on a Sunday and differential
backups against it on subsequent days (I use dar to create the backups).

The full backup session is created with "growisofs -Z" and the differential
backup sessions with "growisofs -M". growisofs is a dvd+rw-tools program that
serves as a high-level interface to cdrtools' mkisofs.

This setup has been working fine until cdrtools-devel-2.01.01a65 where the
second and later sessions (the differential backups) started to fail with an
error to the effect that the DVD doesn't contain an ISO fs. This seems a
bogus error because the initial session has been written to the DVD correctly
and it most certainly is an ISO fs.

For now, I've been able to downgrade to cdrtools and multi-session appears to
work fine there. My concern is that cdrtools is nearing a new stable release
and this errant behaviour I've experienced could find its way into the coming

Has anyone else experienced multi-session write failures with recent builds
of cdrtools-devel (a65 and later)? I would like some confirmation before I
progress any bug report towards Schilly.

Neil Darlow

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