Port Request: Bongo

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk
Fri Nov 6 19:32:23 UTC 2009

Georges Discry wrote:
> In fact, I started a port but hit some problems with CMake. It's having 
> problems locating the libraries and include files of libical and openldap.

In general terms, you will need to either supply arguments to a configuration
command, or patch a configure script so that it will discover shlibs installed
under $LOCALBASE/lib (which is usually /usr/local/lib). Where there's a lot
of Makefile infrastructure already set up (as there is when you USE_CMAKE --
see /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.cmake.mk) then this should all be handled for you

There's a lot of prior-art for using CMake in the ports tree -- as there is
for using LDAP.  In fact, take a look at security/ike and deskutils/kdepim4
as examples of ports that use both.

> Looks like there is nothing set by default for the CMake functions 
> CHECK_INCLUDE_FILE and CHECK_LIBRARY_EXISTS to work. Guess I'll have to 
> try harder!

Or copy what someone else already did:

   % grep -Er 'CHECK_(INCLUDE_FILE|LIBRARY_EXISTS)' /usr/ports/

> I also have the problem that if I add USE_AUTOTOOLS=libtool:22, as 
> libtool is a depency, it tries to use ./configure instead of CMake. 
> Should I use a direct dependency in LIB_DEPENDS ?

If there are USE_FOO flags available, then you should use them.  In this
case, you seem to require some combination of USE_CMAKE, USE_OPENLDAP
and USE_AUTOTOOLS -- as far as I can tell, just haing both USE_CMAKE and
USE_AUTOTOOLS=libtool:22 should do the right thing, as USE_CMAKE will
completely rewrite the do-configure: make target.



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