Port Request: Bongo

Georges Discry murmex at gathex.net
Fri Nov 6 17:45:04 UTC 2009

In fact, I started a port but hit some problems with CMake. It's having 
problems locating the libraries and include files of libical and openldap.

Looks like there is nothing set by default for the CMake functions 
CHECK_INCLUDE_FILE and CHECK_LIBRARY_EXISTS to work. Guess I'll have to 
try harder!

I also have the problem that if I add USE_AUTOTOOLS=libtool:22, as 
libtool is a depency, it tries to use ./configure instead of CMake. 
Should I use a direct dependency in LIB_DEPENDS ?

Thanks for your help,

On 11/06/2009 02:57 PM, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> Etienne Robillard wrote:
>> Georges Discry wrote:
>>> I'm really interested in seeing Bongo [http://bongo-project.org/] ported
>>> to FreeBSD.
>>> It's a mail/calendar server which was forked from Hula when Novell
>>> dropped it. It's still in heavy development but has gone a long way
>>> since then.
>> I think you just have to use the PR system to submit it, and
>> then a maintainer should have look...
> With the small but important proviso that a new port must have a proper
> maintainer (usually but not necessarily the person who sends the PR) --
> it is not permitted to create a port with the maintainer set to the
> 'unmaintained' value of ports at freebsd.org. Don't let this put you off:
> have a go at generating the port yourself. Plenty of people on this list
> will be happy to offer advice if you get into difficulties. Maintaining a
> port or three is neither particularly onerous nor difficult, looks good on
> your CV and earns you karma points...
> Cheers,
> Matthew

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