FreeBSD Port: qtiplot-

Max Brazhnikov makc at
Fri Mar 27 05:58:06 PDT 2009

On Fri, 27 Mar 2009 14:23:20 +1100, Mattia Rossi wrote:
> Hi,
> as the qtiplot- port just didn't want to install python
> scripting, I thought it's a qtiplot issue and tried to install qtiplot
> Well didn't work so well without all the patching, so I finally
> got a working installation, by creating a new port.
Don't get you problem. Do you build qtiplot with PYTHON option enabled?

> I have no idea whether this was the correct way of patching qtiplot, as
> I'm using the shipped 3rdparty qwt and qwt3dplot rather than system wide
> installations (the shipped ones contain some slight adaptations for
> qtiplot). The port works for me anyhow, I have qtiplot and can
> do Python scripting.
> Have no idea how to generate the package-plist so I used the old one.
> Have a look at the tarball, and maybe you can create a proper release soon.

I've updated qwt and qtiplot locally, I'll commit them after some testing.
You could try them as well:

Update qwt first and then build qtiplot. I've enabled python support by 
default, it's considered as stable now.


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