FreeBSD Port: qtiplot-

Mattia Rossi mrossi at
Thu Mar 26 20:33:36 PDT 2009


as the qtiplot- port just didn't want to install python 
scripting, I thought it's a qtiplot issue and tried to install qtiplot Well didn't work so well without all the patching, so I finally 
got a working installation, by creating a new port.

I have no idea whether this was the correct way of patching qtiplot, as 
I'm using the shipped 3rdparty qwt and qwt3dplot rather than system wide 
installations (the shipped ones contain some slight adaptations for 
qtiplot). The port works for me anyhow, I have qtiplot and can 
do Python scripting.

Have no idea how to generate the package-plist so I used the old one.

Have a look at the tarball, and maybe you can create a proper release soon.


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