portmaster-with-package-support release candidate available for testing

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Fri Dec 11 19:22:23 UTC 2009

Alberto Villa wrote:
> On Friday 11 December 2009 15:12:58 Alberto Villa wrote:
>> On Thursday 10 December 2009 21:08:41 Doug Barton wrote:
>>> The fix for this is in the svn tree now, please give it a try. I have
>>> fixed a few bugs since 2.13 was committed, so I'll be pushing the svn
>>> code into cvs very soon.
>> thanks! i'm testing it right now
> mh, i'm sorry, again...
> could you check this error? http://pastebin.ca/1711185
> the gmake package is in /usr/ports/packages... this happens with every 
> package (tested with nasm and yasm... both failing when creating the new 
> package, while they are successfully installed)

First, I'm assuming that you are using version 2.14 from ports. That's
the latest version at the  moment.

Next, I tried the exact same command line you used in your example and
it worked for me. Also, the error message about glob.c doesn't come
from portmaster. What's even more odd is that of the 6 files named
"glob.c" in the src tree, none of them have that function, and gmake
doesn't even have a file named glob.c, so I'm really wondering where
that error is coming from.

The point where that error comes in your log is at package creation
time, try the following command and see if you get the same error:
pkg_create -b gmake-3.81_3

If that doesn't expose the problem we're going to have to do more
digging. First, are your world and kernel up to date and in synch? And
is your ports tree up to date? Do you have anything in ~/.portmasterrc
and/or /usr/local/etc/portmaster.rc currently? Next, do this:
echo 'PM_VERBOSE=vopt' > ~/.portmasterrc

Then run the commands that are giving you problems again. I did see
your other messages about -P and --packages-build aborting if they
can't find a package, that shouldn't be happening either, and does not
happen in my testing; so something is definitely not working the way
it should for you and I want to make sure that we figure out what it is.



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