FreeBSD Port: DarwinStreamingServer-6.0.3

Jason jason at
Mon Oct 13 14:05:33 UTC 2008

    Thanks much! I am not exactly sure how that port got in this state 
either, but I *did* manually download just the port for the 
DarwinStreamingServer and plunk into my port tree, so I know I am not 
following protocol ;-) My install did indeed start with ports and src 
installed (I have a hosted server where they do the initial install). I 
will use CVSUP and properly get my ports in order before I bug you guys 


Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 08:25:34AM -0500, Jason wrote:
>> Carlos,
>>    Thanks for the reply. I downloaded just the Streaming Server port  
>> from the FreeBSD web site, I haven't upgraded my entire ports tree. But,  
>> if I understand this particular problem, the only factors are the actual  
>> patch file and the file being patched, so as long as those are in sync,  
>> it should work. Is the port posted on the FreeBSD web the latest? The  
>> web access to cvs shows the port I am using at revision 1.35. Has  
>> something else fundamental changed like make itself or the patch utility  
>> since 6.0 was released?
> The problem is that your ports tree has been updated incorrectly or is
> broken somehow.  The patch which is failing for you was removed from the
> files/ directory 4 months ago, when the 6.0.3 update got applied:
> The patch in question does not apply to 6.0.3, and that's what the
> problem here is.
> I don't know how you have 6.0.3 of the port, but still have old patch
> files in files/.  I do not know how/why your ports tree is in this
> state.  It's possible that when you installed FreeBSD you chose "src"
> and "ports" from the installation menu.  The problem with this is that
> you have to "adopt" the src and ports trees to work with csup/cvsup:
> I would highly recommend you "start over" from scratch by nuking
> your ports tree (rm -fr /usr/ports/*), and the files/dirs in /usr/sup/*
> and/or /var/db/sup/*, then updating your entire ports tree again.
> You should probably do the same thing with /usr/src as well.

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