Boost 1.37 released!

Alexander Churanov alexanderchuranov at
Sun Nov 23 15:13:35 PST 2008

Hi folks!

This is a status update on boost-1.37 porting.

Currently port builds, installs and removes successfully. However, a PR is
not filed, because I've suddenly discovered the way 'boost-python' port
works. So, I've decided to take additional time for verifying that
'boost-python' is OK. I suspect that at present at least pkg-plist is not
complete. My estimate for completing the work is is 2-3 days from now.

For the future, I'd like to discuss the possibility of breaking boost into
pieces and installing them separately. The 'devel/boost-jam' port would
install bjam, the 'devel/boost/' port would install all but python-related
stuff, the 'devel/boost-python' port would add pyhon stuff to existing boost
installation, and 'devel/boost-build' would do something simiar to what it
does now. To my mind suggested approach would simplify understanding of how
to install boost. The user would ask a question like 'should I add python to
my boost installation' instead of 'is my boost built with python support or
not'. The only drawback I see is that several ports would require the same
source tarball.

For people interested in trying new port early current port tarball is
placed at

Alexander Churanov

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