Boost 1.37 released!

Alexander Churanov alexanderchuranov at
Mon Nov 17 04:02:41 PST 2008

Hi folks!

I've finished with the first phase of porting boost-1.37:package builds,
installs, and deinstalls correctly. The remaining tasks are to ensure how it
behaves in different environments and without optional components.
Boost.Python is not tested.

The question is "what to do next?". I see several possibilities:

1) Send a PR and hope that everything is OK. Fix issues after they actually

2) Devote time to verifying that libraries actually work on different
supported versions of FreeBSD. Also verify that they work with different
sets of optional components and that port correctly handles dependencies.

The first can be performed right now. I already have the tarball.

The seconds can take additional week or more.

Please, reccommend appropriate way to finish with this.

Alexander Churanov

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