[HEADS UP] Info for upcoming QT 4.5 and KDE 4.2 BETA 1

Martin Wilke miwi at FreeBSD.org
Sat Nov 22 09:35:23 PST 2008

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Howdy Guys,

Time to give you some info about our plan for QT 4.5 and KDE 4.2.

A few weeks ago we tagged KDE_4_1 to begin the work on QT4.5 and
KDE 4.2. We now have a QT 4.5 preview version in the area51 tree
(which is really experimental). On November 25th, KDE 4.2 BETA1
will come out, I hope we are fast enough to get KDE 4.2 Beta 1
buildable then we can call for testing with KDE 4.2 Beta1.
I really hope we can get KDE 4.2 known bugs fixed (namely googletalk,
jabber, msn.).

For the record, if you want to test KDE 4.1.3 please use:
svn co https://kf.athame.co.uk/kde-freebsd/tags/kde_4_1/
if you want to help us testing QT 4.5 / KDE 4.2 BETA 1
please use:
svn co https://kf.athame.co.uk/kde-freebsd/trunk/area51/

Patches/Feedback of course are welcome. 

- - Martin
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