FreeBSD Port: net-im/xfce4-messenger-plugin-0.1.0_5

Fbsd1 fbsd1 at
Sat Nov 22 02:13:33 PST 2008

Oliver Lehmann wrote:
> Fbsd1 wrote:
>> There is something wrong here.
>> This is suppose to be a instant messenger because its in net-im.
>> The long description points to but at that 
>> site there is no reference to a plugin by this name and there is no 
>> instant messenger of any kind at the website.
> It listens to Dbus messages.
>> When I did a pkg_add for the this port the only thing "locate" can find 
>> is messenger for thunderbird.
> you need to rebuild the locate database before locate can find anything
> which is new on the system since the last rebuilb.
> You can easily add this plugin when you rightclick on the panel and use
> "Add a new item". You'll have a new "Messenger" available in the list of
> items to select for adding.

First off I did rebuild the locate db before  trying to locate messenger.

I dont know what Dbus messages are, but they are not yahoo instant 
messages. So what about this plugin not being listed at the website? Also what about this port being contained in 
net-im when it has nothing to do with instant messages?

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