FreeBSD Port: multimedia/xfce4-xmms-plugin-0.5.1_5

Fbsd1 fbsd1 at
Fri Nov 21 19:26:42 PST 2008

Installed this package from 7.1. The port is incomplete.

The application does not get added to the xfce4 menu system. It should 
show up under the registered category Multimedia. If should also come 
with it's own icon.

Can not find the (The player actions menu) or (The plugin preferences 
window) as the screen shots show at

My xfce4 display monitor is set at 800x600 at 60mhz and the xmms graphical 
"x multimedia system" display is only 1 inch by 3 inches and that is the 
max size it goes. That is way way to small to be useful.

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