Another VIA UniChrome/Chrome9 Driver

Robert Noland rnoland at
Tue Nov 11 09:26:57 PST 2008

On Wed, 2008-11-12 at 01:02 +0800, Intron is my alias on the Internet
> But so far, as I know, it's the unique solution that makes my laptop
> work.

What do you mean by "work".  Does the normal xorg driver not work for
your chip?  Let me go look at the ddx driver...

> And I guess it supports more new chips.
> I have quite a few products with VIA chipset:
> * A laptop with UniChrome Pro IGP (0x3343)

This pci_id is listed in drm, so if I finish porting the code, it should
work, for some definition of work... ;)


> * Motherboard VIA PC2500E with north bridge CN700
> * Motherboard VIA PC3500E with north bridge CN896
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