Another VIA UniChrome/Chrome9 Driver

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Tue Nov 11 09:02:20 PST 2008

Robert Noland wrote:

> How does this compare to our Xorg driver?  I've contemplated finishing
> the via drm work, but I don't have any of these devices and I'm not sure
> how many people do. At least that care about drm anyway...
> robert.

I haven't look in it carefully. But skimming tells me that the official
driver has more branches for various chips. See the source package:

      is actually a Linux ELF ABI. Only because it wasn't linked
against any Linux's shared object can it run under FreeBSD simply.
Otherwise, a mechanism like linuxpluginwrapper (Wrapper for Linux
Mozilla/Firefox plugin to work with FreeBSD's native ABI of
Mozilla/Firefox) must be used.

The driver package contains some Linux kernel modules and shared objects,
including and Thus, I guess
it is not easy to make the driver function fully under FreeBSD, especially
2D/3D acceleration.

But so far, as I know, it's the unique solution that makes my laptop work.
And I guess it supports more new chips.

I have quite a few products with VIA chipset:

* A laptop with UniChrome Pro IGP (0x3343)
* Motherboard VIA PC2500E with north bridge CN700
* Motherboard VIA PC3500E with north bridge CN896

I can make tests with you.

                                                From Beijing, China

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