Boost 1.37 released!

Flex flex1980 at
Wed Nov 5 01:13:36 PST 2008

I also agree with you Jeremy. devel/boost-devel makes no sense as it is a
stable and not a development version.When there are so much ports that
depend on devel/boost (as version 1.34) then I see two approaches to solve

1.) Try to find out if boost 1.37 is binary compatible with boost 1.34. If
so, then we could update it to the actual version without breaking the ports
depending on it, IMHO. I made this a question to the boost irc channel and
got only the answer that this is doubtable so far.

2.) We should think of one or two alternative boost port(s) like
devel/boost137 and devel/boost138. All depending ports must be made
dependant to devel/boost137 then. Other ports also keep two ports with their
(often major) release numbers and switch dependent ports back and forth to
the right port release number.

I'd prefer the second because there are less side effects and problems
Also please note that isn't accessible anymore.
Hopefully someone, preferrably Alexander, has the 1.35 patch from Simon to
check whether it's easy to bump the port to 1.37 easily. I also agree to
send a PR.


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