Ganael LAPLANCHE ganael.laplanche at
Sat May 24 08:28:16 UTC 2008

Hi everybody,

One of my ports, archivers/linux-par2cmdline, uses a RPM that contains
documentation, but does not (yet) handle the NOPORTDOCS option. An error is
generated in Tinderbox and complains that documentation files remain on the
filesystem after deinstallation. See :

as reported by Itetcu.

My port uses both the USE_LINUX_RPM facility and PORTDOCS variable.

What happens is that passing NOPORTDOCS=yes to the port is ignored by's do-install target which installs documentation anyway (as any
other file). As I have also declared documentation files with the PORTDOCS
variable, they are *not* deinstalled when using NOPORTDOCS=yes.

So, I am a bit stuck since does not seem to provide a way to
handle that case...

I see two options :

- Override the do-install target and do things manually, which seems a bad idea
since several actions are involved in installing linux files (brandelf, cpio, ...)
- Do not use PORTDOCS option anymore and treat doc files as any other file, but
this implies installing documentation files even if it has not been requested by
the user. I could even use AUTOMATIC_PLIST for that...

What would be the best option ? Would you have any other idea ?

ganael.laplanche at

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