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Fri Mar 28 15:39:55 PDT 2008

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Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Chuck Robey <chuckr at> writes:
>> I'm using pkgdb because I wanted to try portupgrade, and it required it.  My
>> problem is that it's doing procedures, asking for a decision on my part, but I
>> can't make any guess how to answer it, because the prompt is fairly meaningless
>> to  me.  Here is an example of what I'm seeing:
>> Stale dependency: someportname-1.1.1 -> differentportname-1.1.1 (differentportname):
>> 3rdportname-1.1.1 ? ([y]es/[n]o/[a]ll) [yes]
> To me, this is fairly self-explanatory.  "someportname" is listed as
> depending on "differentportname," but "differentportname" isn't
> installed.  It suggests that "3rdportname" be listed as a dependency
> instead, on the theory that "3rdportname" may be providing the
> functionality that "someportname" actually depends on. 
> Your choices are "y" to accept that suggestion, "n" to refuse it, and
> "a" to accept it and also apply it to all other ports that depend on
> "differentportname."

Unfortunately, you didn't tell me what the Y/N/A meant either.  First, thing,
your estimate of what it means isn't obvious to ME (I'm writing this as some
prank), my own guess would have been that the word stale would refer to
something that's still hanging around.  Irregardless, I can't get any hint
whatsoever if Y means to do some deleting somewhere; for the deletion, I have no
guess if it's going to delete the first or second file reference.

If you think I'm dumb and just want to be insulting, then just tell me what
actual action the Y refers to, so I get something useable out of this, then go
ahead and talk about me.  I'm honestly confused about it, and wouldn't be
writing this if I weren't.

>> I haven't the least idea what the Y/N/A is referring to, what sort of action I
>> am causing or allowing.  I tried the man page on pkgdb, but I didn't see that
>> sort of message in that page.  Sure hope you can give me a hint (and, as a hint,
>> this might be a good time to fix that fairly useless prompt).
> Apparently, but you would have to make a concrete suggestion to the
> program's author.  Since it makes sense to me, I doubt any attempts I
> made for improvements would turn out to actually be better.
> Be well.

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