SoC Project: Ports 2.0 engine

Aryeh M. Friedman aryeh.friedman at
Thu Mar 20 18:30:34 PDT 2008

School ate any free time I had to work on ports 2.0.   For this reason I 
would like to find some way to make it a Summer of Code project.  Kip 
Macy has provisionally agreed to mentor it if a) it is approved by 
Google and FreeBSD, b) No one more qualified steps forward.

Project goals (SoC portion):

    1. Impliment beta quality version of the engine (see "Recursive Make 
Considered Harmful" for main points)

    2. Use the engine to build xorg and all ports it depends on

    3. Creation of compatibility layer

As many you already know I was one of the original purposes of Ports 2.0 
in the first place thus have a good understanding of the top level 
requirements already.   Also even though I am back in school to get my 
BA in CS this summer (which an likely appointment to a PhD program in 
fall) I have 20 years experience in middle layer systems programming 
(resume availably for anyone who wants to see it).

What do people think and should I proceed with submitting a application 
to Google?

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