SoC Project: Ports 2.0 engine

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Mon Mar 24 14:06:15 PDT 2008

Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
> School ate any free time I had to work on ports 2.0.   For this reason I 
> would like to find some way to make it a Summer of Code project.  Kip 
> Macy has provisionally agreed to mentor it if a) it is approved by 
> Google and FreeBSD, b) No one more qualified steps forward.
> Project goals (SoC portion):
>    1. Impliment beta quality version of the engine (see "Recursive Make 
> Considered Harmful" for main points)

I can't find the post with this title, but I think I get what you mean :)

>    2. Use the engine to build xorg and all ports it depends on
>    3. Creation of compatibility layer
> What do people think and should I proceed with submitting a application 
> to Google?

Go for it :)

I'd like to suggest two of the major features that a new ports system 
should have:

- reliability (almost in the database "ACID" sense; for example that no 
half-registered packages are created by issuing Ctrl-C in a critical moment)
- parallel builds of as much as possible; at least parallel builds of 
independent dependencies and if possible also of ports themselves 
(probably by adding an opt-in flag in Makefile to signal if the port 
supports "make -j" for its build phase).

The first one can be solved by rolling your own system which carefully 
juggles atomic operations and locks or by using an already present 
solution like sqlite.

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