Utility for safe updating of ports in base system

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Wed Mar 19 14:59:50 PDT 2008

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A user pointed out to me that on the project ideas page the following 
entry remains:

Write a new utility for the pkg_install suite, possibly named 
pkg_upgrade(1), implementing a subset of existing portupgrade 
functionality. The required functionality is:

     * fixing @pkgdep records in +CONTENTS file
     * fixing +REQUIRED_BY records
     * storing old copies of shared libraries after shmajor number change
 	in /usr/local/lib/compat/pkg
     * upwards and downwards recursive modes


Last year around SoC time I mentioned that if we are going to have such a 
utility in the base that I would like to have portmaster considered for 
that role. At the time I was told that I needed to implement the 3rd item 
on that list, which I did. Portmaster already has the other 3 features, 
plus a lot more.

So, I renew my inquiry. :) Is portmaster a suitable candidate to fulfill 
the role of the utility described, and if not, why not?

Also to rehash a bit of last year's discussion, I don't particularly feel 
that we _should_ have this type of utility in the base, I think ports 
stuff should be in the ports tree modulo the few bits needed to bootstrap 
like pkg_add. However, iff we are going to import _something_, I'd like to 
have portmaster considered for the job.



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