linkage fails on freebsd <7

M. Yu. Brazhnikov makc at
Wed Mar 19 05:45:39 PDT 2008

On Wed 19 Mar 2008, you wrote:
> My guess is that the problem is because gcc42 is involved with an older
> FreeBSD.  RELENG_5 uses gcc 2.95.2 by default, while RELENG_6 uses gcc
> 3.4.6.  RELENG_7 uses 4.2.1.  Therefore, I'm betting that when you use a
> non-native gcc on an older platform, it *expects* you to rely on libgcc
> (which is a shared library) to gain access to all of the functions which
> are missing.
> Is gcc 4.2 really required for that port to build?

The port doesn't require gcc 4.2. I have the same error on my 6.2 laptop with 
native gcc.

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