xmms fails to play on 7.0

Andrew J. Caines A.J.Caines at halplant.com
Sun Mar 9 19:00:53 UTC 2008


XMMS hasn't been an actively maintained piece of software for a long,
long time[1]. Several projects[2] have grown from it:

XMMS --> Beep Media Player (BMP) --> BMPx
                                  \--> Audacious

> That said, I still plan to move to xmms2

XMMS2 is a very different beast from the Winamp like player XMMS was
(is). For a current simple GTK based audio placer like XMMS, see audacious.

FWIW, I have trouble with audacious playing ogg vorbis streams. Other
than that, I've had no problems with it.

> after my system finishes rebuilding all of its ports this weekend 
> after my move from RELENG_7 to HEAD. (I normally run HEAD, but I stay
> on a new version until it is released.)

If you've done it before, then I presume you are used to ports having
trouble building and running and the occasional need for compats.

[1] http://www.xmms.org/
[2] http://audacious-media-player.org/

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