FreeBSD-games/Larn is broken in FreeBSD7.0 Release

Hiroto Kagotani hiroto.kagotani at
Wed Mar 5 02:40:17 UTC 2008


2008/3/5, tigner <tigner at>:
>  When you run Larn, and chose to read/eat/drink anything the games exits
>  with a signal 11 ,segfaults and does a coredump.
>  You have found a magic potion
>  Do you (d) drink it, (t) take it, or (i) ignore it?
>  Segmentation fault (core dumped) [SIGSEGV]drink
>  I would like to use Larn on 7.0, what do I suggest I do to fix this ?

This is caused by the same problem as freebsd-games/hack.
Please refer to the thread beginning with

For the temporary solution,
edit freebsd-games/files/patch-larn_Makefile to add -fwritable-strings
to CFLAGS and do not forget to use gcc34 or earlier instead of gcc in 7.0.

Hope this helps.

Hiroto Kagotani
<hiroto.kagotani at>

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