interactive ports - the plague

pjd peter_dunning at
Tue Mar 4 18:09:59 UTC 2008

Beech Rintoul-5 wrote:
>> > > With me the JDK ports stop and demand I manually download the
>> > > files, which is even more irritating
>> >
>> > Given Sun's licensing requirements, what is your suggestion?
> Sorry, having that port just fail seems to be the right thing to do. 
> FWIW, it doesn't hang up portupgrade.

Well does it help when you are attempting and the failure of
the jdk ports leads to the entire build of the final package itself being
called off, thus effectively canceling the night's build anyway.

Personally I would like to see all licenses and configuration options
resolved at the start of portupgrade (so they are all done in one go) and
then followed by the compilation and downloads, that way nothing gets
canceled or stalled unless there is a genuine problem
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