Ports and system upgrades

David Southwell david at vizion2000.net
Thu Jul 17 14:34:23 UTC 2008

I have been unable to find instructions in the manual about  recompiling ports 
as part of a system upgrade process. There seems to be no reference to it. 
The upgrade from 6.1 to 6.3 seemed to work OK once I sorted out a problem 
with perl. However 6.3 to 7.0 seems to produce more difficulties than I 
bargained for!!!

How can I best reconfigure and recompile all th installed ports?

As you can see from below:
[root at dns1 ~]# portupgrade -a
Fatal error 'Thread is not system scope.
' at line 319 in file /usr/src/lib/libpthread/thread/thr_sig.c (errno = 2)
Segmentation fault: 11 (core dumped)

I have definitely omitted a vital step

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