pkg_add fixing dependencies

Philip M. Gollucci pgollucci at
Tue Jul 15 13:41:06 UTC 2008

Anders Nore wrote:
> So my question is, shouldn't "pkg_add -r zip" check installed packages 
> for dependencies and make a correct +REQUIRED_BY file for zip? I know 
> that portupgrade and portmaster does this.
see pkgdb -L the below is hopefully fairly typical.....

header "INDEX"
cd /usr/ports
make fetchindex

header "Maintenance"
pkgdb -L
portsdb -u
pkgdb -u
portversion -l '<' -v
portsclean -C
portsclean -DD

header "Rebuild Outdated Ports"
PKG_PATH=$pkg_path portupgrade -abpPr
# runs portsclean -L
# runs pkgdb -aF
header "Install Updates into cluster"
for machine in $machines; do
   set -x
   ssh root@${machine}.${cluster}.${tld} \
	"PACKAGESITE=$pkgsite PACKAGES=/tmp portupgrade \
   set +x

header "PortAudit"
portaudit -Fda

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