gnash-0.8.3: build fails on 6.3

Andriy Gapon avg at
Fri Jul 4 13:03:06 UTC 2008

on 04/07/2008 15:36 Andriy Gapon said the following:
> on 04/07/2008 01:34 Dmitry Marakasov said the following:
>> * Andriy Gapon (avg at wrote:
>>> A s we can see -L/usr/lib comes before gcc-4.2.4 path and thus base
>>> libstdc+ is picked over the correct one.
>>> Since you can not reproduce this in clean environment I wonder where
>>> that -L/usr/lib comes from.
>> Seems like you're right, I don't have -L/usr/lib in gcc args when
>> building gnash.
>> Could you please send me conf* files from the workdir (config.log etc.)
>> and all Makefile* files (Makefile, from all subdirs).
> Dmitry,
> I decided to do some more local research before sending you that bulk data.
> Here's what I have so far.
> 1. There is no -L/usr/lib in the corresponding libtool invocation, so it
> means that libtool itself adds it.
> 2. There is the following line in libtool script (in gnash base dir):
> sys_lib_search_path_spec=" /usr/lib/"
> 3. In configure script I see that is set based on $CC -print-search-dirs
> 4. gcc42 -print-search-dirs produces "good" list of directories where
> its specific directories precede /usr/lib.
> 5. But gcc -print-search-dirs produces only /usr/lib.

This may seem a quite strange question - do you have fortran of base GCC
(f77) installed in your tinderbox?

Andriy Gapon

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