Fix for FreeBSD-SA-08:01.pty appears to break net/omnitty?

Rong-en Fan grafan at
Thu Jan 31 08:42:45 PST 2008

On Jan 29, 2008 11:21 AM, David Wolfskill <david at> wrote:
> As a sysadmin, it's not unusual for me to have a desire to do similar
> things on sets of systems; thus, when a colleague pointed out the
> net/omnitty port to me, it didn't take long for me to find it useful.
> But I noticed on 21 January that omnitty(1) wasn't working:  upon
> accepting the name of a host to which to connect, it appeared to "hang."

An interesting thing is that if I run omnitty inside screen, it appeared
to 'hang'. Then it works if I detach then attach.

Any one who has more knowledge in pty code can help us?

Rong-En Fan

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