Fix for FreeBSD-SA-08:01.pty appears to break net/omnitty?

David Wolfskill david at
Mon Jan 28 19:44:12 PST 2008

As a sysadmin, it's not unusual for me to have a desire to do similar
things on sets of systems; thus, when a colleague pointed out the
net/omnitty port to me, it didn't take long for me to find it useful.

But I noticed on 21 January that omnitty(1) wasn't working:  upon
accepting the name of a host to which to connect, it appeared to "hang."

Running the program under ktrace(1) showed that it did actually
establish an ssh(1) connection to the target system (I used but a single
one as a test case), but while omnitty didn't dispplay the result of
logging in, the I/O bufffer captured by ktrace showed that the target
system had responded with last login information -- for some reason,
omnitty just wasn't displaying the information.

Now, the system where I had first noticed the problem was my desktop at
work, and I have been in the habit of tracking RELENG_6 on it on
Sundays.  (I track RELENG_6 on my laptop daily.  I was able to reproduce
the failure on the laptop, as well; I jjust hadn't noticed i, as I don't
use omnitty directly from my laptop as often.)

So I installed net/omnitty on my "build machine" at home, then proceeded

* Verify that it failed (as expected) with RELENG_6 as of 21 Jan.
* Verify that it worked with RELENG_6 as of 13 Jan.
* Perform a "binary search" approach, narrowing down the failure case
  to commits made on 14 Jan in response to FreeBSD-SA-08:01.pty and
* Back out all 4 (yes, even the src/UPDATING) patches from that commit
  and verify that omnitty worked.
* Apply the patch to src/lib/libc/stdlib/grantpt.c and verified that
  omnitty still worked.
* Apply the patch to src/lib/libutil/pty.c and verified that omnitty
  now no longer worked, but "hung" (as described above).

A description of the problem being addressed may be found here:

I looked in the sources for omnitty, but didn't see direct invocations
of pty-related functions.  Turns out that omnitty relies on devel/rote
for that, and experiments with SIGABRT sent to a "hung" omnitty
invocation that was built with the -g flag weren't especially
informative to me -- but then, I'm not all that familiar with writing
that sort of code, either.

I did take a stab at adding a capability to omnitty to specify
command-line arguments to ssh(1) for omnitty's "ssh" invocation --
mostly in the hope that I might be able to influence the behavior of
omnitty in a positive way by (e.g.) forcing TTY allocation, or telling
it to skip the X-forwarding stuff for this exercise (speeding things up
a bit in the process).  I didn't get around to patching the man page,
but that part (the ssh flags) does appear to work, if anyone's
interested.  (It might be even handier to (also?) be able to grab the
ssh args from an environment variable....)  But I have yet to see
omnitty work on a system that has rev. of

Anyway:  it appears that rote invokes forkpty(), which invokes
openpty() (which is the function implicated in FreeBSD-SA-08:01.pty).

At this point... urgghh -- help?  I'm a sysadmin, not a PTY-hacker.  :-}
I'm willing to test; I have local copies of FreeBSD CVS repositories,
and I'm quite willing & able to hack & patch code, given sufficient clue
or direction.

One other -- somewhat related -- issue:  I also track RELENG_7 and HEAD.
And I set things up so I build ports under RELENG_6, then use the
misc/compat6x port to be able to use these ports when running 7.x or
8.x.  And I noticed something interesting:  omnitty works if I run 7.x
or 8.x.

On reflection, I believe this is because the copy of libutil that's in
the misc/compat6x port has not been updated since late Nov 2007, and
thus, does not include the fix for FreeBSD-SA-08:01.pty.  Should it?

Please include me in replies, as I'm not subscribed to -ports at .


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