HOW-TO get Flash7 working!

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Wed Jan 16 23:52:46 PST 2008

Quoting "Sam Fourman Jr." <sfourman at> (from Wed, 16 Jan 2008  
14:22:41 -0600):

> I guess i am a bit confused, did someone in fact get flash9 working in

There are known problems. Something is buggy in the kernel. We don't  
know what the exact problem is, nobody had time or incentive so far to  
hunt down the problem.

You need to set the linux compatibility from the default 2.4.2 to  
2.6.16, and you need a more recent linux_base (read: not the default  
fc4 but e.g. f7).

There's a different thread about flash and eculp@??? reported there  
that the plugin is loaded by firefox but crashes. I've also seen  
reports that it doesn't crash, but I think those people where just  
lucky and didn't use the subset of flash which triggers the crash.


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