Micropolis port

ros ros at bebik.net
Sun Jan 13 13:09:31 PST 2008

I discover this afternoon Micropolis, the renamed "Sim City" game
who is now open source (see

I really was a addicted to this game so I decide to try a port to FreeBSD
At this point and after a few fixes the code compile without errors, and
a binary is generate.

The problem is after launching the application I'm no more able to
interact with the application windows. I'm not a good X developer so if
anyone want to check it It will helps.

The code modified is available here :

To compile it, untar the archive, go to the micropolis-activity/src
directory and start a 'make all'

After compilation make a symbolic link from micropolis-activity/sim to
micropolis-activity/src/sim/sim with
% ln -s micropolis-activity/src/sim/sim sim

and launch sim !

Requirement (as I can see):
* tcl/tk
* xlib

Thanks for your help !

- rodrigo

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