Oracle SQL Developer

martinko gamato at
Sun Jan 13 13:05:04 PST 2008

Marcin Cieslak wrote:
> martinko wrote:
>> Hallo,
>> Would someone care to port Oracle's SQL Developer to FreeBSD, please ?
>> <>
>> Many thanks in advance!
> There is actually nothing to port, just download the non-JRE platform
> independent zip file, unpack and run "bash sqldeveloper" from
> sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/bin directory.
> Works for me (7.0-BETA3 on amd64, self-compiled sun jdk15 from ports).
> --Marcin


I've tried it on 6-STABLE (6.2.something) and it got stuck at splash 
screen.  Btw, I've noticed output like this in terminal:

expr: illegal option -- X
usage: expr [-e] expression
expr: illegal option -- D
usage: expr [-e] expression

Also, all the scripts use #!/bin/bash which doesn't work in FreeBSD.
And I'd like to install it in /usr/local/... so that all users can use 
it and it can be included in portaudit checks and checked for upgrades 
via ports system, etc etc.



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