eaccelerator knob request

Tim Kellers timothyk at wallnet.com
Sat Jan 12 21:48:28 PST 2008

Are there any OS problems that would prevent adding:

/* Define if you like to use the eAccelerator functions to store keys in
   shared memory */

to the eaccelerator port's config selectable config screen?

It is a very useful addition for busy webservers running large instances 
of Moodle and it is a required option to make eaccelerator work 
correctly with Moodle  versions 1.8 and up.

I installed eaccelerator with this option on one of my Moodle servers a 
few weeks ago and I've seen a significant increase in performance and no 
bugs (so far).

I can send-pr this request change, but I thought it best to ask the 
maintainer (and everyone) if there is some problem I'm unaware of in 
making the patch.



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