Miro crashes at startup

Thierry Thomas thierry at FreeBSD.org
Fri Jan 11 12:10:55 PST 2008

Le Ven 11 jan 08 à  4:25:04 +0100, Jeremy Messenger <mezz7 at cox.net>
 écrivait :
> The boost with WITH_PYTHON=yes and boost-python are exactly same. The  
> boost-python call on boost with WITH_PYTHON=yes define. Read in  
> devel/boost-python/Makefile. I doubt this crash issue has to do with boost  
> vs boost-python. When I created different miro port, all FreeBSD 6.x users  
> report me crash issue while FreeBSD 7.x and above users don't have any  
> problem. I can't figure what's wrong with miro in FreeBSD 6.x as all of my  
> machines have FreeBSD 7.x.

Actually, yes, it's possible to run Miro on FreeBSD-6, but it seems very

That means:

- check that all dependencies are up to date;
- no dangling libraries or binaries linked against something located
under /usr/local/lib/compat;
- nothing linked against previous versions of system libraries (e.g.
old libm);
- and maybe some conflicts not yet detected...

BTW, I'm working on the upgrade to 1.1, but I don't think that it
contains anything related to this problem.

Th. Thomas.
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